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Well Care:

Your child doesn’t have to be sick in order for you to come see us. In fact, we are always open to discussing your child’s developmental progress, nutritional or behavioral issues, and will strive to address any specific concerns you may have about your baby. We highly recommend 6-7 well baby checks in the first year and then once a year checks after that. We will provide thorough physicals, carefully track milestone developments, and closely watch for signs of delay. Please call ahead to make an appointment, and when you arrive, be sure to check in and wait in our “Well Child” waiting room. 

Infant Care:

Your baby will be examined at the hospital soon after birth and every day until mother and baby are discharged. The CDC recommends Hepatitis B vaccine soon after birth, especially in mothers in which the Hepatitis B status is unknown or positive. Soon after discharge from the hospital, your baby will be seen at the doctor’s office in order to follow up on possible jaundice or weight issues. The doctor will provide instructions on when to follow up. Be sure to check out our quick links and articles about Newborn & Infant Care (make yourself comfortable: this section is long!)

New Mom Info:

Congratulations to all our New Moms. If your baby was seen at the hospital, the doctor probably gave you a card with 'need to know info' that you need to know right now!

We recommend that baby's first followup visit should be about 3-4 days after discharge from hospital.​ That way we can monitor your baby for some common minor problems like excess weight loss, jaundice, skin rashes etc.

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Parents of New Patients or New Parents to Be:

We would love for you to visit our office and get to know us before you decide to become patients or even before your child's arrival into your lives! Click on the link below to find out more: